Campaigning Rules

Campaigning Rules

In accordance with the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) it is an offence for any person to:
  • Commit bribery either directly or indirectly by himself or herself or by any other person on his or her behalf;
  • Directly or indirectly by himself or herself or any other person on his or her behalf threaten, damage, injure, harm or practice intimidation to influence a person’s vote.
Anybody who contravenes these provisions is liable for a fine of up to $5000 and/or to imprisonment for up to two years (LAEA s. 121).

When distributing election campaign materials or literature:
  • You may post political campaign signs 30 days prior to an election but they must be removed within 7 days following the election (as per the Land Use Bylaw).
  • You cannot use the City of Chestermere logo or copyrighted photos on any campaign materials. Copyright free photos of Chestermere are available at
  • Signs may not be larger than 1.0m2.
  • You cannot post anything on bridges, electric lights, stop signs, or telephone poles.
  • You cannot block the view of traffic.
  • You may not, without authorization, take down, cover up, mutilate, deface or alter any notice or other document required to be posted.
  • You may not use an image of the official ballot in any way.
  • The Chestermere Recreation Centre and the property it sits on, in its entirety, is declared the 2017 Municipal Election voting station. As such, you may not campaign or display campaign materials inside of the Recreation Centre, on the outside of the building, in the parking lot or on the fence of the property on voting days (October 7, October 14 and October 16.)
  • It is an offence for anyone to campaign either inside or outside of a building used for a voting station, including the distribution of advertisements, handbill, posters, pamphlets and newspapers. This offense is liable to a fine of not more than $500.

Financing Rules

While each candidate may decide on his or her amount of campaigning, there are specific guidelines regarding the use of money in a campaign. Below are a few of the major guidelines but all candidates must read the Local Authorities Election Act for all rules and regulations: 
  • Allowable expenses are the actual personal expenses of the candidate, the cost of acquiring premises, accommodation, goods or services used for proper election campaign expenses, payments for the cost of printing and advertising, reasonable payment to any person for the hire of transportation used by a candidate or speakers in travelling to and from public meetings or by any person in connection with and for the proper purposes of an election... (LAEA s. 118)
  • Volunteers receiving no compensation are not deemed a contribution for disclosure purposes.
  • A candidate whose campaign is entirely self funded has a funding cap of $10,000 in a campaign period and is not required to open a bank account or file a disclosure statement.(LAEA s.147.11(1)) (see ‘forms’ section).
  • You must indicate in your disclosure statements the total amount contributed together with the contributors’ name and address for each contributor whose contributions during the campaign period exceeded $100 in the aggregate (LAEA s. 147.4(1).
  • No prohibited organization, person normally residing outside Alberta or trade union or employee organization other than a trade union or employee organization as defined in the LAEA shall make any campaign contributions to a candidate (LAEA s. 147.2(1)).
  • A candidate must declare campaign contributions funded from any person, corporation, trade union, or employee organization by completing an Election Candidate Campaign Contribution and Disclosure Statement Form.
  • Campaign contributions by any person, corporation, trade union or employee organization to a candidate shall not exceed $5,000 in any year.
  • A candidate who funds a campaign by contributions must open a campaign account at a financial institution (LAEA s. 147.3(1)).
(LAEA s.118, 147 of the Local Authorities Election Act)

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