Meet CFS

What truly sets Chestermere Fire Services (CFS) apart is its people. A proud service of 27 members, the CFS family is a group of hand-picked, highly-trained and dedicated individuals that serve tirelessly to keep Chestermere a safe place to live and work. 

CFS is comprised of four, six-person crews, as well as a Fire Chief, Deputy Chief and Training Officer that work a rotation of 10 and 14 hour shifts (two 10 hour days, two 14 hour nights). In addition, CFS has a dedicated administration team of two that help with all parts of Community Services. CFS is striving for operational efficiency both on and off the fireground, and maintains a constant state of response ready firefighters. You will also find the roster of CFS invested in many other areas, including community events, fire prevention, inspections, fire & EMS training and continuous skills development, FireFit competitions, departmental projects, new service initiatives, administration, etc. 

CFS truly is a family unlike any other. We are incredibly proud to be serving the City of Chestermere and want residents to know how important we take the privilege of being your Fire Department. 

Meet the talent that is Chestermere Fire Services:

  1. A Shift
  2. B Shift
  3. C Shift
  4. D Shift
  5. Admin Team

A shift

A Shift Members: (pictured from left to right) 

  • R. Beattie
  • M. Potts
  • W. Beckner
  • R. Barchard
  • J. Lampertz
  • M. Relf