PLC Relocation Feasibility Study

The Survey 

The number of families in Chestermere is growing and the Kids 1st Network Parent Link Centre, which provides essential support to many of these families, may need to move in the future to keep up with this growth. 

Before any concrete plans are made, the Parent Link Centre and City of Chestermere needed your input.  Thanks for sharing your opinions in our survey! The survey closed April 30, 2018.

About the Parent Link Centre Relocation Feasibility Study

The Kids 1st Network Parent Link Centre in Chestermere provides parents, caregivers, and their children with supports to ensure that children come to school ready to learn, and provides caregivers with the resources needed to help their children develop and fulfill their potential.  As demand for these supports increase, so too does the pressure on the space that the Parent Link Centre operates within. 

To ensure that that the Parent Link Centre can continue to provide the best possible support to parents, caregivers, and children in Chestermere and South East Rocky View it may be necessary to relocate the Parent Link Centre to a new space in the future.  Thus, the City of Chestermere has commissioned a study to determine whether it is feasible to relocate the Parent Link Centre to a new space, and if so, what this new space should include to best accommodate those who access its supports. 

Survey Process

The City of Chestermere has contracted an external research firm to engage, consult, and gather input from key stakeholders throughout the community.  This firm will provide a strong measure of objectivity to the process and ensure that the perspectives of all stakeholders are fairly and equally represented during the study.  The input collected will be used to educate,inform, and guide the City of Chestermere as they plan a potential relocation of the Parent Link Centre in the future. 


If you have any questions, please contact Early Childhood Services, City of Chestermere: by email or phone (403) 207-7050.