Flowering Rush

We Need Your Help To Protect Our Lake!

Flowering Rush is an invasive aquatic plant, prohibited under both the Alberta Weed Control Act and the Fisheries (Alberta) Act and requires removal when found. This plant has started to grow and is spreading in our lake. Increased infestation could take over and interfere with future recreational use such as boating and swimming as well as displace wildlife. Research from Alberta Environment and Parks has shown that the best approach to prevent the spread of flowering rush is to avoid disturbing the plant during the summer season and remove by hand during water drawdown when easily seen and accessible.

What can you do?

1. Clean, drain and dry your boat and gear! To prevent the spread of invasive species.

2. If you see flowering rush, don't try to remove it yourself. Pieces of root can get dislodged and float elsewhere to start new plants. Instead, report it's location to Alberta Environment through their invasive species hotline 1-855-336-2628 or through the EDDMAP Alberta smartphone app.

The City and participating partners (see below) will be doing a pilot project in October to remove the plants through manual hand digging after receiving specialized training on removal techniques.

Participating Partners:

• City of Chestermere - Parks and Recreation Division; Watershed Committee

• Chestermere Lakefront Owners Association

• Western Irrigation District

• Alberta Environment and Parks

For more information about flowering rush check here.

More information about Flowering Rush

Flowering rush