Chestermere Recreation Coalition

The Chestermere Recreation Coalition is a group of local recreation organizations that have come together to provide an informed and collaborative voice and perspective as it relates to community recreation within Chestermere and the surrounding area. This includes:

Collaboration – partnering on community events and programs, supporting fundraising and grant initiatives, human-resource sharing, connecting with all areas of the City including other regional partners to improve service quality and reach.

Communication – getting the word out collaboratively and leveraging different forms of advertising.

Education – promoting active and healthy community lifestyles, promoting a holistic view of recreation including arts and culture and educating the public on the importance of recreation to health, wellness and social connection.

Accessibility - making recreation more accessible - physically, financially and socially.

Current Coalition Members

Chestermere Public Library, Camp Chestermere, City of Chestermere Community Services Employees (Recreation, Events and Parent Link), Chestermere Regional Community Association (CRCA), Calgary Yacht Club, Primary Care Network, Family and Community Social Services (FCSS), Primary Care Network

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