City Council adopts policies to set out objectives, directives and goals pertaining to specific matters within the organization and the high level operations of the municipality.

  1. Administration
 Policy Name  Number  Description
Entrance Sign Policy  115 A policy regarding the use of the "Event" section of the City of Chestermere entrance signs.
City Hall Rental Space Policy      123 To establish guidelines and procedure for booking meeting rooms and spaces at City Hall. 
Social Media Policy  124 Guidelines for the City of Chestermere's social media presence.
Media Policy                                                                                                   126 Guidelines for the City of Chestermere's media relations.
Public Participation and Engagement Policy  127 Outlines the types of approaches and circumstances when the City will engage with residents.
Retention Schedule  719  To establish guidelines for record retention relevant to administrative, legal, financial and property matters
  1. Community Services
Policy Name Number Description
Sponsorship, Naming and Donation Acceptance Policy 206 Provides clear policies on the acceptance of all donations, sponsorships and naming rights. 
  1. Development Services
Policy Name Number Description
Chestermere Design Guidelines 301 Outlines the requirements for all applicable ASP, subdivision and development permit applications.
Telecommunication Antenna Structure Policy 302 A guide for development of freestanding telecommunication antenna structures within the City's residential areas.
Road Crossing Installation 303 Provides conditions for the installation of irrigation and/or power lines on the Municipal Roadway.
Road Standards 305 To adopt the Collector roads as the Road Standards for the City of Chestermere.
Integrated Stormwater Master Plan 312 Sets a vision for dealing with stormwater in the 2009 annexation areas.
Chestermere Boulevard Corridor Plan 314 Provides guidance and concepts for Chestermere Boulevard.
Public Art Policy 315 Guidelines for the process of planning, funding, acquisition, maintenance and promotion of public art for the City.
Encroachment Policy and Procedure 316 Procedures to provide a consistent process for evaluating applications for encroachment authorization.
Municipal Naming of Public Spaces 318 Guidelines for naming streets, communities and public areas.
Off-site Levy Policy Framework 320 Outlines the process and procedures used to guide offsite levy assessment and collection.
City of Calgary Standards 326 A policy to adopt the City of Calgary Standards, as amended from time to time.
  1. Finance
Policy Name Number Description
Sewer Utility Accounts 401 Allows the addition of sewer and water utility arrears to the Tax Roll.
Utility Service Connections-Outside of Town Limits 404 Outlines the procedures and requirements for utility services to a property situated outside of the City's boundaries.
Waterline Flushing 405 Provides strategies to ensure waterlines are flushed in a safe and cost effective manner.
Terms of Payment - Utility Billings 408 To standardize the terms of payment of utility billings.
Investments 431 Provides the basis upon which a fund or pool of funds is to be invested.
Accounting for Capital Assets 432 To prescribe the accounting treatment for tangible capital assets.
Write-off or Cancellation of Accounts Receivable 434 A policy to guide all accounts receivable administered by Administration, excluding property taxes.
Multi-Year Budgeting 446 Guidelines for the development, approval and adjustment of multi-year budgets.
Restricted Surplus Account 447 Guidelines for the management of existing restricted surplus accounts and the establishment of new Restricted Surplus Accounts.
Capital Financing and Debt Management 448 Guidelines for the financing of the City's operating and infrastructure needs.
Taxation of Vacant Residential and Vacant Non-residential Lands 450 To establish a policy for the taxation of vacant residential and vacant non-residential lands that remain undeveloped three (3) years after registration of the plan of subdivison, which would assist in addressing this inequity
Authorization & Verification of Unbudgeted Expenditures 451 A framework for the authorization and verification of unbudgeted expenditures to ensure that all spending aligns with Council's strategic vision.
Recording Financial Transactions Policy 452 To ensure accurate recording of all financial transactions for the City by matching the activity to the financial transaction and coding to the appropriate general ledger account number.
Disposal of Surplus Goods Policy 453 Provides guidance in the methods used for disposal of Surplus Goods 
  1. Public Works
Policy Name Number Description
Winter Maintenance 501 A policy to address most roadway and pathway winter maintenance scenarios.
Boat Launch                                    502 A policy for the use of the Boat Launch facility located at John Peake Park.
Tent Usage 503 Guidelines for the use of the City's tent by non-profit organizations and local businesses.
Park Bench 510 Guidelines outlining the Memorial Park Bench program in the City of Chestermere.
  1. General
Policy Name Number Description
Assessing Town Property 611 To regulate access and egress to any residential property for reasons of construction or repair of residential properties.
Advertising Policy 614 Outlines the requirements and method of advertising to the public, contractors and all interested parties for the City of Chestermere.
WID and Chestermere Agricultural Bursary 616 To establish an annual agriculturally based bursary with the Western Irrigation District in exchange for land to extend John Peake Park.
Company Health & Safety Policy 642 A policy to enhance the Health & Safety Management System that protects staff, property, other workers and the public from incident and injury.
Service Fee Schedule 643 An updated schedule to make the City's service fee charges compatible with surrounding municipalities.
Contract Review and Approval 644 Defines channels for review and approval of formal agreements or contracts between the City and another party.
Asset Management Policy 650 A policy for the City to adopt and apply recognized Asset Management practices in support of delivering services to its customers.
Economic Development Incentive Policy 651 A policy to promote and incentivize economic development through the cancellation, reduction or refund of the municipal portion of supplementary taxes on new construction of commercial, industrial and specified residential buildings in defined areas within the City of Chestermere on an equitable basis.
Procurement Policy and Protocols  652 To detail the principles, procedures, roles and responsibilities for the City's procurement operations. 
Events & Festivals Policy 653 Provides framework for Event Organizers to plan and host successful events in Chestermere.
  1. Council
Policy Name Number Description
Council Related Legal Proceedings 801 Articulates when and how the City will deal with Council related legal proceedings and what support will be provided to Councillors.
Council Meeting Recordings 806 A policy for the dissemination and destruction of digital recordings of Council meetings.
Council Social Media Policy 808 Guidelines for communication via social media channels for Councillors and their stakeholders.
Policy Development, Implementation and Evaluation 833 Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of City Council and Administration with respect to the development, implementation and evaluation of policies.
Human Resources Policies and Procedures Framework 834 To provide a framework for corporate Human Resources policies and procedures.
Information Technology End User Policy 836 General guidelines for the appropriate use of the City of Chestermere's IT End User Resources.
Elected Officials Remuneration & Expense  837 To provide payment to Elected Officials for attendance at meetings and/or performing related duties.
Compensation Disclosure Policy 838 Outlines the annual disclosure requirements for employee compensation, pensions and benefits in the interest of open and transparent governance.
Proclamations and Letters of Support 839 Sets out the application process and criteria for the issuance of Proclamations and Letters of Support.
Procurement Council Policy 840 Provides the foundation for how the City shall purchase goods, services or construction.
Diversity & Inclusion 844 Outlines the City's shared commitment to providing equitable and fair treatment to all community members and City employees.
Public Video Surveillance and Body Worn Video Camera Policy 845 Guidance for the installation and use of video surveillance equipment in public spaces and the use of body worn video cameras by City peace officers.
Chain of Office Policy  846 To outline the guidelines and procedures around the use and safekeeping of the Chain of Office 
Compensation During an Emergency Event 848 Establishes recognition for the additional burden placed on staff in expanded roles when the Emergency Command Centre is operational.