2019 Recipients

Family and Community Support Services Funding

Camp Chestermere 2019 Investment

Camp Chestermere Teen Leadership Development - $10,688.00

Teen Leadership Development is open to all Chestermere teenage residents as well as those outside of Chestermere. The program aims to help students develop into effective leaders not only at the camp but in their schools, sports teams and other activities they are involved in. Through sessions, activities, team-building games, applicable resources and more, Camp Chestermere encourages participants to explore their skills and abilities, learn how they best lead and work in a team, learn what healthy life choices look like, and learnt to value the importance of charity and volunteer work in their communities.

Prairie Waters 2019 Investment

Prairie Waters Elementary Awakening Passions - $13,600.00

Awakening Passions is a yearlong project for Grade 2 & 3 students that allows them the opportunity to develop and hone their interests while learning how to be self-directed, confident and collaborative learners. Each week students are exposed to new opportunities that allow them to explore and reflect on their passions. Students then select a potential passion to pursue and work on developing this through the remainder of the year before sharing their passion at a Celebration of Learning.

Synergy 2019 Investment

Synergy It Takes a Youth to Raise a Village - $125,712.00

It Takes a Youth to Raise a Village has been separated into two specific focus areas with the Family and Community Support Services funding being directed towards leadership and mentorship. Youth are supported by adult mentors and a network of community leaders. Youth Council, SHOUT and Synergy Youth Interns are regularly credited with inspiring individual adults and groups to become involved in community capacity building.

United Way/Chestermere Partnership Funding

Accredited Supports to the Community Association Healthy Families - $8,000.00

Healthy Families is a home visitation program for families with children 0 – 6 years. They provide in-home support, information and referrals in the areas of child development, parenting, family support and community resources. They follow guidelines established for home visitation by the Alberta Children’s Ministry and are members of the Alberta Home Visitation Network Association (AHVNA).

Camp Chestermere 2019 Investment

Camp Chestermere Helping All Campers Succeed - $14,237.20

Helping All Campers Succeed offers 1:1 program care for children with a wide variety of needs including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Mental Health Concerns, Development Delays and more. Campers are assigned a leader for their week at camp who contact the families before arrival to work with them on designing programming for their child. These leaders would also provide training for all camp staff to ensure everyone is involved in helping all campers succeed.

Camp Chestermere Volunteer Program Coordinator - $8,525.60

The Volunteer Program Coordinator interviews potential people who have been recommended through the Gateway program run by the Calgary Police Service. This coordinator provides more one on one assistance to the participants and supervises them while onsite at the camp. The position was expanded in 2018 to be able to welcome more participants who may have been recommended by their parents, other local agencies and the local RCMP detachment. The coordinator will also manage requests from volunteers in the community who wish to fulfil roles at the camp in the work crews, kitchen, water sports and more.

JASA 2019 Investment

Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta Financial Literacy Classes for Chestermere Youth - $5,000.00

Financial Literacy Classes for Chestermere Youth is a financial literacy program for grades 5 - 12. Each session is 4 hours of class time and is taught by trained community volunteers. Students learn about budgeting, saving, global currencies, free enterprise, entrepreneurism and safe online shopping. The classes provide an opportunity for students to learn from finance and business leaders in the community. Students learn how to evaluate their financial decisions, preparing them to make smart lifelong economic choices.

Synergy 2019 Investment

Synergy It Takes a Youth to Raise a Village - $14,237.20

It Takes a Youth to Raise a Village has been separated into two specific focus areas with the United Way funding being directed towards youth wellness. A Clinical Consultant was identified as a result of the gap in services created by the recent withdrawal of mental health services for youth. Wellness retreats, workshops and the Coffee Talk program will focus on mental health related discussions.