Community Grants

​This Program is awaiting final review by City Council in 2022. Should you wish to be notified upon the launch of call for applications please e-mail

Are you interested in creating some new and innovative community programs or initiatives? Applications to the Chestermere Community Grant Funding Program will open in Summer 2022.

Applications should enhance local amenities in sports and recreation, arts, culture, history and the social well-being of the residents of Chestermere.

Project proposals should provide benefit to Chestermere residents and facilitate local activities which engage a broad section of the community.

Additionally, the City of Chestermere approved the creation of the Home Hemodialysis Community Grant program to subsidize utility related costs for Chestermere patients completing treatment within their own home. Annually $1,500 of Community Grant funding is dedicated to Home Hemodialysis applications. For more information on Home Hemodialysis Grants please contact our Manager, Community Support Services.
How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications are now closed for 2021 and will open again in Summer 2022!

Grant Guidelines

Grant Guidelines

Download the Community Grant Information Package

In order to be eligible to receive funding projects must:
- Primarily serve Chestermere residents.
- Be open to the public and/or allow reasonable public access.
- Demonstrate the need for financial assistance and demonstrate active fundraising efforts.
- Not be eligible for funding through other City based grant funding sources.
- Not be a duplicate of an existing project/program/service/event.

Community Grants evaluation

Evaluation Criteria

Applications are evaluated by the Community Grant Funding Adjudication Committee against a number of criteria and then recommendations will be presented to Council.

Evaluation criteria includes:
· Alignment with Council’s strategic priorities
· Community need and support for the project
· Effectiveness of the project strategy and implementation plan
· Value demonstrated in the project budget.

Please note that applications will need to include a COVID-19 safety plan based on current public health requirements for any programs that involve social gatherings.

Community Grants Info

More Information

Applicants may only submit one funding application per community organization. 

Funding of the Community Grant program is subject to annual budget approval by Chestermere City Council.

Please submit any questions via e-mail