Service Level Review Project

The Service Level Review Project will improve the understanding of the services currently provided by the City of Chestermere and more effectively link the Council strategic planning with the City’s budgeting, actual spending, outcomes and service improvement processes. 

This project, closely linked with Council’s strategic priority to “Set service levels in response to resident and business needs”, will allow the community, Council and staff to make informed strategic choices regarding the services delivered.

Timeline of the Service Level Review Project.


Community Safety Pilot: The Community Safety Team (formerly Protective Services) was selected as the pilot for this project and has developed the inventory of services that deliver safety to our community.

City Services Inventory Development: The inventory template has been built and the City will complete the catalogue of all services that are delivered to Chestermere residents, businesses and other stakeholders over the next few months.

The Service Inventory will be the basis of the service-oriented priority-based budgeting methodology.  The City’s traditional line item budget will be transformed into a community-focused service budget. The ongoing alignment with community demand will help create a sustainable and responsive system. 

Allocation of City Budget to all Services: The City’s entire operating budget will be allocated to the services that are identified in the Service Inventory. This will inform Council, Administration and the community about how much it costs to deliver each service to the resident.

Prioritization of City services and reallocation of resources: The services the City delivers will be prioritized according to the desired outcomes. Operations will be streamlined, relationships will be cultivated and resource allocation will be maximized to ensure the services provided are of the very best value to the community. 

Council review and deliberation of 2022 Budget: As always, Council will review and deliberate the 2022 Budget, however, the difference this year will be that Council will have a clearer understanding of all the services delivered by the City, the costs of these services, how the services are delivered and to whom. Armed with this valuable information, Council will be better able to make decisions about cutting back on services to save tax dollars, providing a higher level of service in areas of community priority or collaborating locally or regionally to offer certain services. This all means increased efficiency and stability for the City of Chestermere.