Trailers and RVs

trailers and Rvs


Trailers and RVs can be parked:

• On an approved driveway in the front yard as long as the RV is under 4500kg GVW, 22ft (6.7m) in length and 7ft (2.1m) in height, and does not extend into or obstruct, a public sidewalk, curb or roadway.

• On a water permeable parking pad in the rear yard that is approved by the City’s Development Services. Rear yard RVs and trailers must have an approved access and be screened from view (behind a fence or other visual barrier). Contact for details.

• On the street if it is being actively loaded/unloaded and is hitched to a tow vehicle. RVs and/or trailers can be parked on the street for loading or unloading only during the months of May through October and must be removed within 48 hours. No unattached trailers of any kind may be parked on a public street.

Note: Parking pads cannot be constructed using concrete, asphalt or other non-permeable materials.

It is advised that in the off-season (November through April), RVs and trailers should be stored in an off-site facility or on an approved parking pad that is fully screened and does not obstruct the view, road visibility or parking areas of the public.

Crime prevention

Chestermere RCMP are reminding boaters and RV/trailer owners to secure their equipment at all times. Batteries from boats and fuel cells (propane tanks) on RVs and trailers are highly sought-after items.

As mentioned above, boats and RV/trailers are being parked on driveways and streets at this time of year as the community prepares for the long weekend and summer outings. Residents can help deter theft by making sure they are locking up or removing these items.

For more information, please refer to the City’s
Land use Bylaw 022-10
Traffic Control (011-13) and;
Community Standards (004-12) bylaws.