Billing & Account Information

Understand your City utility bill and review your payment options here. 

Information about how to open, adjust or close an account for water & garbage is also listed here. 


Curbside Collection Information

Learn what the City picks up each week and find out what goes in each bin.


Eco Centre

The Eco Centre recycle depot accepts electronics, paint, and many other items that can't go in your curbside bin. Learn more about the centre here.


Utility Rates & Fees

Check for the latest water, wastewater, garbage, and recycling utility rates for the City of Chestermere. 


Water & Sewer Services

Learn about how the City monitors water usage, replaces water meters and manages pumping sewage to a treatment plant. 

Bulk water rates & information is listed here as well. 

Looking for information about past CUI decisions? Visit Council's page about CUI Decisions.

Click here for past utility financial statements & reports.

Looking for other utility service providers (gas & electricity)? Find a list here. Note: These services are not provided nor regulated by the City of Chestermere.