What are the residency requirements for candidates?

According to Section 21 of the Local Authorities Election Act,

"(1) A person may be nominated as a candidate in any election under this Act if on nomination day the person
(a) is eligible to vote in that election,
(b) has been a resident of the local jurisdiction and the ward, if any, for the 6 consecutive months immediately preceding nomination day, and
(c) is not otherwise ineligible or disqualified."

There are no other relevant provisions under this Act with respect to the residence requirements for candidates. The provisions for ineligibility to stand as a candidate are set out in section 21 of the Local Authorities Election Act, which is available online through Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Therefore, any candidate who has been resident in the City of Chestermere for a period of six months is eligible to be a candidate in the municipal election. Further, as candidates swear an affidavit as to their eligibility to stand for election, which includes their address, this is acceptable proof of the fulfillment of the residency requirements. In the event that the candidate is elected, any breach of the eligibility rules, including residency, must be challenged by you through the courts.

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