What are the harvesters for?

The City owns three lake weed harvesters and a barge which normally operate from July 1 – Aug 31 each year.  The harvesters cut and remove lake weeds and other debris to ensure that Chestermere Lake remains safe for recreational and boating activities, and reduces clogging of the WID irrigation system. These mechanical devices are the best means to control the weeds as compared to using chemical or hand harvesting alternatives.

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1. Why do we have so many weeds?
2. What are the harvesters for?
3. How do the harvester operators work?
4. How effective is the harvesting program?
5. Where do the weeds go after they are harvested from the lake?
6. How are the lakefront owners participating?
7. How many weeds are actually removed by the harvesting program; and how many hours does it take?