Why is the City taking back utility services?

After hearing overwhelming concerns from residents and conducting a thorough review of the company, City Council decided that the status quo was no longer desirable and explored alternative options for the future of Chestermere Utilities Inc. On June 28, 2019, Council decided to take back control of utility services. By bringing services back under the municipality, they were able to cut utility rates by 8% this past July.

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1. Why is the City taking back utility services?
2. What changes will I notice?
3. Is my recycling / garbage collection day changing?
4. Will I need to make any changes to my banking or bill payments?
5. Will you change the logos on the organics and recycling bins?
6. Can I still use the App?
7. Who do I contact with questions about utilities?
8. What will happen to the CUI Building?