What will happen to the playroom?

Given the current pandemic situation we have not been able to confirm our spacing needs, and what our presence will look like at Chestermere’s City Hall. What we can confirm is that our programs will be delivered in a variety of ways, and settings. We will be offering virtual programs, and using technology to provide support and information to parents and families.

When the pandemic is over, and social distancing measures lifted, we will be offering off-site learning opportunities for families at different locations and time of day throughout Chestermere.

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1. What is your new name?
2. What will happen to the playroom?
3. Are programs going to look the same as Parent Link programs?
4. How can I access support during the COVID-19 pandemic?
5. What specific programs and services will you be offering?
6. Is there criteria for families to be able to access your services?