Are programs going to look the same as Parent Link programs?

No. The Family Resource Network model follows the new Well-Being & Resiliency Framework, and so the programs and services will look different. The Parent & Caregiver Support Services team will be delivering a variety of universal, community-based informational and skill-building programs, and resources designed for parents and families with children 0-13 years of age.

The Aspen Commons Family Resource Hub will be providing additional supports and services for families in Chestermere, and other communities that are included in our region including Strathmore, Wheatland County, and SE Rocky View.

They will offer a broad spectrum of prevention programs to intensive services for families with children 0-18 years of age, for example play-based learning for children. To learn more about their programs and services please visit:

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1. What is your new name?
2. What will happen to the playroom?
3. Are programs going to look the same as Parent Link programs?
4. How can I access support during the COVID-19 pandemic?
5. What specific programs and services will you be offering?
6. Is there criteria for families to be able to access your services?