What specific programs and services will you be offering?

We will be offering a variety of universal, curriculum-based programs including the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), the Psychology Foundation of Canada’s Kids Have Stress Too program, developmental screening including Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Circle of Security, and an emotional literacy program which helps caregivers and children how to increase their ability to independently problem solve, improve friendship skills, enhance positive behaviours and regulate their emotions, using the evidence-based PATHS®, and Social-Thinking Curriculums.

In addition to these programs we will provide ongoing access to information, resources, and referrals to connect families with additional supports. We will offer a variety of resources for families to take home, including a library of resource books that can be signed out. We will also provide opportunities for families to meet with local Service Providers such as nurses, Speech & Language Pathologists, or mental health professionals.

Again, we will be working closely with our regional Hub, the Aspen Commons Family Resource Network, to assist with intake, coordination, and referral support for families who may be needing supports outside of what our Parent & Caregiver Support Services team can offer, such as more targeted and intensive services.

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5. What specific programs and services will you be offering?
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