What statistics did you use to inform the reopening?

Statistics were one of the important measures we look at as we consider what restrictions to add, ease or lift. We continue to watch our local numbers regularly and are pleased that our numbers are less than ¼ of what was expected in April’s modelling. Council and CHEMA have agreed to rescind all local orders and lift the local state of emergency as the COVID-19 infection rates in Chestermere have remained low for more than a month now. We are also encouraged by the success of our first stage of the re-launch strategy, and the fact that the province will be ended their State of Public Health Emergency on June 15.

Last Updated June 25, 2020

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1. What is allowed to open in stage 2 of the Province’s Re-Launch?
2. What statistics did you use to inform the reopening?
3. Will we limit those using the lake to Chestermere residents?
4. What is the likely time frame between each stage of the re-opening?