What time of year does street sweeping start? How long will it take?

The official start date changes every year depending on the weather.

It typically beings in mid to late April after all the snow/ice has melted and temperatures stay above 0 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, schedules also consider time for equipment maintenance and weather delays (rain and/or snow events).

Chestermere has over 110 kilometres of roadways. For comparison – that is roughly the same distance as driving round trip between Chestermere and Canmore. It takes about 9 weeks to sweep all the roads, curbs, gutters, and medians.

Check the City’s website at chestermere.ca/sweeping and follow the City’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for street sweeping updates.

Last updated: June 1, 2020 

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2. What time of year does street sweeping start? How long will it take?
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