Why don’t Chestermere residents pay a fee?

Chestermere residents already pay for the maintenance of the beaches, so adding an admission fee for those who do not live in our community helps to offset the costs of keeping visitors safe during this global pandemic. 

Public places are generally free for all residents and non-residents, but municipalities can charge extra fees for non-residents to use amenities. For example, if a Chestermere resident would like to get a pass to the Calgary Public Library, they would be required to pay $112 membership fee (whereas it is free for Calgary residents). 

Last Updated: May 21, 2021

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1. When will the beach fees start?
2. What type of payment will you accept?
3. Which beaches will you have to pay for?
4. If I am a Chestermere resident, can I bring a guest who is not a resident?
5. I am a resident, but my children do not regularly live with me. Will I have to pay for them if we go to the beach?
6. Our kids go to Chestermere schools. Do they have to pay?
7. Why don’t Chestermere residents pay a fee?
8. Why did Council implement beach fees for non-residents?
9. How were the fees chosen?
10. What authority does the City of Chestermere have to do this?