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Community Resource Centre Intake Form

  1. Community Resource Centre Intake Form

    This is an intake form for the Community Resource Centre (CRC). Its purpose is to support the CRC to help you with your concerns, needs... More…

Community Services

  1. Block Party Registration Form

    register to host a block party!

  2. Good Deeds and Successes

    Celebrate a coworker on a job well done, or thank someone for their contribution.

  3. Request an Addition to the Community Events Calendar

    Request an addition to our City of Chestermere community events calendar.

  4. Wishing Tree
  1. Facility Rental
  2. Good Food Box
  3. Volunteering

    There are tons of ways you can get involved in your community through volunteerism. If you are interested in volunteering, please... More…

Corporate Services

  1. City of Chestermere Board/Committee Letter of Interest

    Letter of interest form for a City board or committee

  1. Discover T1X


  1. Chestermere Arts Days
  1. Submit your event to the Community Events Calendar

    Request an addition to our City of Chestermere community events calendar.


  1. Birth Forest Planting Registration Form

    Planting Fee: If the child was born in the last 12 months to a family living within the City of Chestermere, the fee is $40.00. Tree... More…

  2. Honour Our Veterans Banner Program

    This program offers an opportunity for anyone to honour a veteran with a special banner that will be placed in a Chestermere park. It... More…

  1. Chestermere in Bloom

Staff Intranet

  1. IT Setup Form for New Users
  2. Offboarding - IT
  3. Submit an item to Post

    Internal Use Only

  4. Written Offer - Letter Requirement
  1. New Staff Form
  2. Safety Recognition Program nomination form

    Nominate your staff who have shown exemplary safe behaviour in the workplace to receive a Safety Award and four hours paid time off.

  3. Submit Content
  4. Your Amazing Story

    We want to celebrate you and how you make a difference every day to our Amazing City by promoting your Amazing story! Please... More…

Website forms

  1. Website Feedback Form

    What do you think about our website?