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Community Services

  1. Adopt a Family Adoptee Application

    Application for Families in need to be matched with a sponsor to support them for the holidays.

  2. Block Party Registration Form

    register to host a block party!

  3. Dog License Application

    Please complete this application form and drop it off and submit payment to the Chestermere Municipal Office at: 105 Marina Road ... More…

  4. Facility Rental
  5. Grow & Learn Evaluation

    Please provide your feedback by completing this short evaluation.

  6. Holiday Pack Donations

    Supporting Families in Need during the holidays

  7. Request an Addition to the Community Events Calendar

    Request an addition to our City of Chestermere community events calendar.

  8. School Readiness Kits - Participant Survey

    We hope you enjoyed your School Readiness Kit. Please complete this survey to provide us with a brief overview of your experience with... More…

  9. Volunteering

    There are tons of ways you can get involved in your community through volunteerism. If you are interested in volunteering, please... More…

  1. Adopt A Family Sponsor Application

    2020 Adopt a Family Program for Gifts of Kindness

  2. Developmental Screening - Family Follow-Up Form

    After completing an Ages & Stages developmental screening, parents/caregivers are required to complete this form so that our Parent &... More…

  3. Dog License Application - Pay online with PayPal

    • All dogs, over 6 months of age must be licenced. • Licences expire December 31. • UNLICENCED DOGS: It is an offence under the Town... More…

  4. Gifts of Kindness Donation Form

    The Gifts of Kindness program (formerly known as Christmas with Dignity) helps local individuals and families to meet their basic needs... More…

  5. Grow & Learn Registration Form

    This is a registration form for the Grow & Learn session offered by Parent & Caregiver Support Services. If you have any questions... More…

  6. Raising Responsible Teenagers - Registration Form

    This is a registration form is for the Raising Responsible Teenagers Parenting Workshop, offered by Parent & Caregiver Support... More…

  7. School Readiness Kits - Community Partner Survey

    Thank you for partnering with us to deliver School Readiness kits to the children and families at your organization. Please complete... More…

  8. Travelling Tales & Tunes Evaluation Survey

    Please provide your feedback by completing this short evaluation. This evaluation should take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.

  9. Welcoming and Inclusive Committee - Letter of Interest Form

    Letter of interest form for the City's Welcoming and Inclusive Committee