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Chestermere and Area Networking Meeting

  1. The Chestermere and Area Networking Meeting is comprised of two parts to support varying degrees of collaboration amongst local social serving agencies. This feedback form helps us understand how to better deliver Inter-Agency and the Social Well-Being Collective approaches.
  2. Inter-Agency is an avenue for agencies to connect with one another, share information, and strengthen community relations. Please let us know about how your involvement in this network supports your work in the community.
  3. 1. As a result of Inter-Agency, I am/My organization is better able to serve the people in my community. *
  4. 2. As a result of Inter-Agency, I have a better working relationship with other community agencies. *
  5. 3. As a result of Inter-Agency, I have a greater understanding of why resource and information sharing is important to my community.
  6. To help us evaluate the value in incorporating a Social Well-Being Collective Model, we would like to hear your feedback around this approach.
  7. 4. With the understanding that there are varying degrees of collaboration, and that it is dependent on what topic is being discussed, how would you rate the degree of collaboration that GENERALLY exists amongst agencies within the Chestermere social sector? Please select one.
  8. 5. What are some community issues that we, as a network of providers, are not yet focusing collectively on? You may select more than 1.
  9. 7. Would you be in support of further exploring the incorporation of a Social Well-Being Collective Model through this network?
  10. Thank you for taking the time to respond to this feedback form.
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