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Facility Rental

  1. Facilities Requested:

  2. Prairie Water Elementary School

  3. Chestermere Lake Middle School

  4. Our Lady of Wisdom Elementary School

  5. East Lake School

  6. First and last name.

  7. Target Demographic*

  8. Facility Rental Terms and Conditions

    The facility user agrees to the following:
    1. The user group reserves the right to CANCEL the use of the facility as a result of inclement weather or unsafe conditions. The user group(s) are required to call the Community Recreation Coordinator to confirm the status of cancellations.
    2. That the use of the facility is restricted to the stated field/park/municipal amenity, time, dates, and activities listed on this rental application.
    3. Rental applications will not be issued until a certificate of insurance, naming the City of Chestermere as an additional insured, and indicating the required insurance coverage being provided, is received.
    4. Facility use is not transferable without the express written permission of the City of Chestermere by the Community Recreation Coordinator.
    5. Only City of Chestermere maintenance vehicles are permitted on the turf areas, unless otherwise authorized in writing by the City of Chestermere. No participant or spectator vehicles are allowed beyond designated parking areas.
    6. Anything brought or stored within, or upon a field/park/municipal amenity, shall be at the sole risk of the user group. The user group understands and agrees that the City of Chestermere is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.
    7. The user group accepts the responsibility for providing adequate supervision for the maintenance of good order during the entire time the group occupies, or makes use of the facility.
    8. The user group shall ensure that all its members, users, agents, and guests conduct themselves in an orderly manner, and comply with all statutes, regulations, bylaws, and rules made under federal, provincial, or municipal authority which in any way affects the use of the facility.
    9. The user group is responsible for the event setup and cleanup, ensuring the facility is left in the same condition as when the user took possession. The user group will be responsible for the cost to reinstate and make good, any damage caused in, or to the field.
    10. The user group releases and forever discharges the City of Chestermere, any and all actions, causes of action, claims, and demands for damages, loss, or injury, however arising, which may be sustained by the user group in consequence of entering and using the facility.
    11. The user group shall indemnify and save harmless, the City of Chestermere, against all liability, claims, damages, or expenses due to, or arising out of, any act or neglect by the user group, agents and guests of the user group, on or about the field, or due to, or arising out of, the entry or use of the facility, including liability for injury or damage to the persons or property of members, users, agents and guests of the user group.
    12. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited in any park or unlicensed areas of any City facility.
    13. A special event, at any City of Chestermere owned park/facility must hold a special events permit.
    14. The user group is required to bring a copy of this permit to the event to demonstrate proof of rental.
    15. In the event of the user group’s failure to conform to any of the foregoing Terms and Conditions the City of Chestermere may revoke the permit granted without refund.
    16. Booking of dates and times of use specified in this permit is an advance reservation for use of a facility which is not guaranteed by the City of Chestermere. The City retains the right to reschedule or cancel dates and times booked at any time but will strive to provide as much advanced notice as possible to user groups.
    17. User groups are responsible for conducting a facility hazard assessment and reporting any issues with the rental space to the Parks and Recreation Division.
    18. Users groups are expected to stop game play and leave the field/diamond during lightning storms. User groups must have a plan for evacuating during lightning storms.
    19. The personal information is being collected for the City of Chestermere for athletic facility rental purposes. The personal information is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will be used only for the purpose identified. For more information contact the FOIP Coordinator at 105 Marina Road, Chestermere, AB T1X 1V7 or call (403) 207-7050.

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  10. Please Note

    This is an application. Fields/diamonds are not officially booked until your organization is contacted by the Community Recreation Coordinator and applicable documents are signed and received.
    - Liability insurance will be required for Booking.

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