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Business License Renewal - Commercial Premise - PayPal Form


    All fields on this application form must be completed before the application can be processed. If any of the fields do not apply to your business please indicate this with “N/A”

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  13. Commercial Premise Business License Renewal

    Commercial Premise Business License Renewal

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    The information being collected on this form is for the purpose determining the applicant’s eligibility to be granted a City of Chestermere business license, pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Section 8(b)(v), and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Section 33(c). This information may be shared with applicable City of Chestermere departments, agencies, RCMP, and/or Alberta Health Services, for the purpose of conducting required inspections and approvals, as part of the Business License application process. Information such as your business operating name, location, and business phone number, will be available on the City of Chestermere website; this would not include personal applicant information. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding collection of this personal information, please contact the City of Chestermere FOIP coordinator at (403) 207-7050.

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