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Vendor Application

  1. Vendor Application

    The City host several annual festivals and events each year to create amazing community connections.

    Vendors can apply to participate as a vendor by submitting their application using the form below.

  2. Please indicate your Vendor Type:*
  3. (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  4. Please indicate the amount of space you require for setup.

  5. e.g. merchandise selling, type of foods, service.

  6. Terms and Conditions

    In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we want to reduce the use of single plastic water bottles and plastic straws. We ask that you do not offer these at your location A water buggy will be onsite to provide drinking water to festival-goers.

    There will be compost bins, recyclable bins for cardboard, paper and garbage cans for other waste. Vendors may put out recyclable bins to collect beverage containers.

    1. Food vendors, please provide a copy of their GL Insurance for business.

    2. Unobstructed access for emergency vehicles.

    3. The City’s Events Office reserves the right to cancel any event should any portion of the park/venue be rendered unsafe/unusable due to: 

    • a risk to the health and safety of any person;
    • a risk of damage to the property;
    • a contravention of any applicable law; or
    • the City’s inability to provide the site.   The Events Office may postpone the event to a future date that the Organizer agrees upon.

    4. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring the City property being used is left in the same condition as when the Applicant came on site.

    5. The Applicant shall ensure that they conduct themselves in an orderly manner, and comply with all statutes, regulations, bylaws, and rules made under federal, provincial, or municipal authority which in any way affects the event.

    6. The Applicant understands and agrees that the City of Chestermere is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

    7. The Applicant releases and forever discharges the City of Chestermere, and their elected and appointed officials, employees and agents any and all actions, causes of action, claims, and demands for damages, loss, or injury, suits or compensation arising, directly or indirectly however arising, which may be sustained by the Applicant in consequence of granting of the permission of busking on City property.

    8. In the event of the Applicant’s failure to conform to any of the foregoing Terms and Conditions the City of Chestermere may revoke permission granted without refund.

    I understand and agree with the Terms & Conditions.

  7. Please Note:

    This is an application. 

    A vendor is not officially booked at an event until your applicant/organization is contacted by the Events Office and applicable documents are signed and confirmed received.


    The personal information you provide on this form is protected by the provision and collected under the authority of Section 22 of the Municipal Government Act and Section 32(b) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information will be used to determine eligibility as an event vendor and for enforcement of applicable laws and may be circulated to persons or authorities as necessary for the review process. If you have any questions about the collection of this information please contact the FOIP Coordinator, 105 Marina Road, Chestermere, AB T1X 1V7, (403) 207-7050. 

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