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Potty Training 101 Webinar - Program Evaluation

  1. Parent & Caregiver Support Services: Program Evaluation
    Please complete this short evaluation to us help us understand your experience, and find ways to improve our program.
    Please answer the following questions by selecting a check box to provide your rating and type in any comments in the text boxes. Questions with a (*) are required, and those without are optional.
  3. 1. I enjoyed the program format and I would like to have access to more webinar programs*
  4. 2. Webinar was easy to use*
  5. 3. The information/resources shared during the session were relevant and helpful*
  6. 4. The facilitators were knowledgeable about the topics discussed in the session or program*
  7. 5. I plan to use the information and/or strategies discussed*
  8. 6. Overall, I would rate the quality of this session or program*
  9. Thank you for taking the time to complete our evaluation and for attending our session/program!
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