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Application to Plant a Tree on Municipal Property

  1. Introduction
    When considering planting a tree in a public space, such as a park or boulevard, you may apply using this form.

    The application fee is $75.00 and payment will be required upon approval of the application.

    If the applicant chooses not to comply with the below-mentioned requirements, the application will be refused. No other landscaping elements will be considered on city-owned reserve property and residents who fail to complete the pre-inspection prior to planting will be subject to being required to remove the tree(s) at their own cost.
  2. Evaluation Criteria
    When considering the installation of a tree on City-owned reserve property, the City will review the merit of the application using the following evaluation criteria:
    1. Future Use – will the tree interfere with potential future uses or plans of the reserve land?
    2. Environmental – Does the tree enhance the urban greenspace?
    3. Risk – Will the tree and its associated canopy and root system impede future uses of the property, potentially damage adjacent land or structures or create a safety risk to people?
    4. Ongoing Maintenance – Can the City adequately maintain the tree over its lifespan?
    5. Purpose – Is the tree being planted as a memoriam or to mark a special celebration?
    6. Does the applicant accept the responsibilities and conditions outlined in this application?
  3. Requirements & Restrictions

    LOCATES:  Owners must call or go online to request locates from the following companies to ensure there are no underground utilities in the planting area. It is recommended that applicants apply for locates at least seven working days before planting.

    • or 1-800-242-3447 (for ATCO Gas, Telus and Fortis Alberta lines)
    • or 1-800-344 7429 (for Shaw cable lines)
    • If you require access through a City Park or Chestermere Lake, you must complete an Open Space and Lake Access Agreement. You may contact Community Operations for a copy if needed, 403-207-2807.

    SPECIES: The City of Chestermere Parks Division must be consulted about the species of tree intended to plant. Some species have certain disease and insect problems which may affect neighbouring city or private trees. Certain tree species may not be appropriate due to mature size or soil conditions. Note: we do not allow the installation of Swedish Aspen and Shubert Chokecherry due to disease.

    TREE SIZE:  The maximum size for deciduous trees is a 15-gallon pot and evergreen trees are 2.5 meters tall. 

    ON-SITE PRE-INSPECTION: The location and placement of tree(s) must be reviewed by the City prior to final approval of the application.

    TREE & SHRUB PLANTING: Trees and shrubs installed in the park behind a residence must be in mulched beds, no turf is to be left between the tree bed and fence, as this reduces maintenance. Trees and shrubs installed by a homeowner that does not survive will not be replaced by the city. Tree pits to be 2 times the diameter of pot/rootball and backfill with a high-quality planting mix. It is recommended that the original soil not be used unless it is of high quality. All beds must be mulched, please ensure mulch is kept away from tree trunks as it may promote rot.

    SITE CLEAN-UP AND DAMAGES:  All clean-up of planting sites, tree removal or reclamation of city land from damage due to the planting process will be the full responsibility of the applicant. Homeowners are fully responsible for any damages or incidences that may arise while planting the tree or cleaning up the site.

    TREE & SHRUB ESTABLISHMENT: The homeowner is required to water the plant material to establish it. For trees, under normal conditions, this is 2-3 years. Watering trees 2 times a week during the growing season is adequate under normal conditions. Should the plant material die within the first two years, the applicant is responsible for removal and replacement. Weeding and other upkeep within the bed is also the responsibility of the homeowner during the establishment period.

    OWNERSHIP AND ONGOING MAINTENANCE: Once the material is planted, it becomes the property of the City of Chestermere. All pruning, herbicide treatment or possible removal will be completed by the City of Chestermere Parks Division once the establishment phase has been completed. All required pruning or spraying will be done without notice or consent of the property owner. Diseased trees will be removed to reduce the possible transmission to adjacent plant material and will not be replaced.

  4. Method of Payment

    Payment will be required upon approval.

  5. Type your full name to indicate your agreement and signature.

  6. Choose date.

  7. Collecting your Information
    The personal information is being collected for tree planting and is such deemed to be an activity of the City of Chestermere. The personal information is collected under the authority of Section 33(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and will only be used for the purposes identified. For questions or concerns contact the FOIP coordinator at City Hall, 105 Marina Road, Chestermere, AB T1X 1V7 or call (403) 207-7050.
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