Business Permits & Licences

Before you begin operations, you will need (at minimum) a business permit and business license.

Business Permits

You must obtain the proper permits before opening. Follow these steps to ensure you get your paperwork in order:

  1. Connect: Visit the Community Growth & Infrastructure Department at City Hall, call (403) 207-7075, or email and provide details about your business and desired location(s) to determine if your business is a permitted, discretionary or non-permitted use at that location(s), and the permits you will be required to obtain.
  2. Finalize Location: If your business is a permitted use at your desired location or you are comfortable with the process as a discretionary use, you can secure your location. If your proposed location is considered a discretionary use, there is a more extensive process and waiting period to determine whether your business will be allowed at that location.  You may want to consider reserving the location or placing a caveat on any lease or purchase that says “subject to municipal approval”;
  3. Apply for Permits: Begin the process of completing the permit applications:
  4. Approval: Once your location is finalized and your permits have been approved, you may begin advertising and apply for your business license.

Business Licenses 

Anyone operating a business in Chestermere must obtain a business license.

This includes: 
  • Businesses in their own building
  • Businesses leasing space from another company
  • Businesses who are contracted to do work in Chestermere
  • Home based businesses
You must have your proper permits in place before applying for your business license.

Note: Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are typically due January 31 but have been extended to March 31 for the 2021 year.

Business Licence Deadline Moved to March 31, 2021

Business License Application and Renewal Forms:

  1. Commercial Premise
  2. Major Home Business
  3. Minor Home Business
  4. Non-Chestermere Business
  5. Temporary, Seasonal or Other Business
  6. Fee Chart

New Business License Application - Commercial Premise

Business License Renewal - Commercial Premise