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1. Can I have a picnic in the park?
2. Can I have my parents or friends over to my home?
3. I need someone to help with care/cleaning etc. Can they still come in my home?
4. Can I have people over in my yard for a firepit or BBQ so long as we are 2m apart?
5. Can I have a garage/yard sale?
6. Can I hold a fundraiser/bottle drive?
7. Can I sell something from my yard/truck?
8. Are masks mandatory in Chestermere?
9. What do we do about walking on pathways when walkers/bikers who do not give room?
10. Is it possible to reinforce that people in stores wear masks?
11. Are there restrictions on bringing children into grocery stores or hair salons?
12. Are there guidelines for occupants of a boat? Do they have to be from the same address?
13. Where we can buy non-medical masks?